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"When thunder bolts, I serve." -Greshun De Bouse


Sandy B. Hooks Day | February 1

What better way to start Black History Month on February 1, 2023, than by celebrating the birthday and legacy of the 1st Black postman in Blanchard, LA-my great uncle Sandy B. Hooks. Thank you Mayor of Blanchard, LA-Jim Galambos, for issuing a proclamation  recognizing Sandy B. Hooks Day, February 1st.


Activist De Bouse Greets Hearing Impaired Population in ASL

Activist De Bouse ASL

FACT: Activist De Bouse created the Fuel Emergency Economic Stimulus or LA F.E.E.S 2022-the FIRST Known Active Fuel Stimulus for Fuel Emergency 2022.


Activist Greshun De Bouse

Greshun De Bouse is a Global Equality Advocate and Activist For The People. She is Pro-First Amendment, Pro-Second Amendment, Pro-voter/election integrity, and Pro-Amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include persons with disabilities. Activist De Bouse is a Fearless Leader of Action for the people, who works to protect the rights of underserved populations and all Americans. Activist Greshun De Bouse established the padamonth initiative to raise awareness of and combat political affiliation discrimination and voter suppression; founded Disabled Veteran’s Day (June 30) to ensure disabled veteran needs are met with timeliness, in a streamlined process, established police-community cooperatives to facilitate police-community mutual respect and crime reduction; created the Relocated Reinstated Rr21 initiative in 2021 to facilitate vaccination-based unemployed displaced workers getting relocated and reinstated in their jobs elsewhere; created the Fuel Emergency Economic Stimulus or La F.E.E.S 2022, first known active fuel stimulus of 2022 in place, offering fuel assistance to eligible Louisianans amid the 2022 fuel emergency, the Clean Up Crime Initiative (CUCI) to curb gun violence in Shreveport, LA and abroad, Louisiana Law Enforcement Day as an extension of her #PROPSTOACOP Movement, and more.  She is a proponent of sustained economic growth and entrepreneurship facilitation as her family owned Bush's Grocery in Shreveport, LA's Stoner Hill area, and a woman of faith as daughter of ministers in Bossier City, LA.  Activist De Bouse is a supporter of musical and visual arts cultivation;  proponent of Louisiana historical knowledge and preservation;  Shreveport, LA downtown development; and more.

Activist Greshun De Bouse Fox News June 2021
Fuel Emergency Economic Stimulus | LA F.E.E.S 2022-created by Greshun De Bouse #lafees2022
Activist Greshun De Bouse OAN 2021, Greshun De Bouse
March 19, 2022

Activist De Bouse's Fuel Emergency Economic Stimulus | LA F.E.E.S 2022-THE FIRST KNOWN ACTIVE FUEL STIMULUS FOR FUEL EMERGENCY 2022

"In light of the burdensome, inflated fuel prices of 2022 that plague many Americans, I have created the Fuel Emergency Economic Stimulus or LA F.E.E.S 2022-the First Known Active Fuel Stimulus of 2022-as a privately funded, six-month fuel assistance provision for eligible Americans." - Activist De Bouse

-Greshun De Bous

Activist De Bouse's

Clean Up Crime Initiative (CUCI) 2022 #cleanupcrime

As it's name suggests, Clean Up Crime Initiative or CUCI (pronounced q°see) #cleanupcrime, is an Initiative by Activist Greshun De Bouse to help #cleanupcrime or curb violence-namely gun violence-in Shreveport, LA and abroad. The initiative emphasizes preservation of Second Amendment rights, while promoting background checks for all potential firearm owners-whether purchasing from private (unlicensed) sellers at gun shows or elsewhere-as among the first lines of defense against firearms in the hands of legally prohibited, firearm-abusive persons.




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